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Tues October 25th at 6pm PST

90 Minute Zoom Masterclass

The music industry is extremely customizable. We want to help you find your unique path forward

  • Experience a Vocal Activation Ruby Chase

  • Discover the guiding north star of your music

  • Identify the path toward accomplishing your music goals

You will leave more clarity for your professional music career.
*Replay available


Invites you to the...


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Meet Your Guide


Ruby Chase has been in the dojo of music creation since the age of 7. At 8 years old, she performed in the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games singing a solo bidding the athletes farewell. At 13 years old, she toured Japan with a girls pop group called SHINE. For the past decade, she has been releasing music under her own name. With over 2 years of full time touring under her own name, she has graced the stage at festivals, retreats, events and ceremonies around the world. With over 60 releases, 100,000 monthly listeners, and over 3.7 million streams on Spotify and counting, Ruby is making a name for herself in the music industy as an innovative music producer and ceremonial dj.


Through honing her creative skills in the studio, on stage, and in the market, Ruby has become a savvy amplifer of her music and mission in the world while simultaneously being her own manager, agent and record label. Her diverse and growing experience gives way to a creative and informed perspective on the process of developing a career in the music industry. Now, as she uplevels in her own journey, she is setting the stage and gathering aspiring artists who are ready to emerge and begin their own!


Time to break the ice

Because Let's Face It...



If you're here, you've probably been sitting on music and visions for yourself for a while. It's safe to say that you're "incubating", perhaps even longer than you'd hoped. 


RESONANCE was born of the awareness that the transition from "incubating" to "emerging" is a sacred rite of passage that ALL Artists go through, with no exceptions!

There is no better way to traverse these waters than with the support of a successful mentor and a group of creative comrades to cheer you on.



Here's What Others Are Saying

A Message From Ruby

"I know the feeling of having music inside you that desperately desires to be expressed… For years I walked through the world feeling like no one around me could see my gifts because I hadn’t yet found a way to present them in a polished manor.  It would glimmer in freestyle jams, or guest singing with a DJ friend but it felt like the star inside me was shielded by layers of perfectionism, procrastination and lack of clear direction.   


This cocoon is designed for my younger self.  It is a cumulation of all the lessons I have learned the hard way, advice I have received from my mentors and personal experience from years of practice. 


I am far from complete on my journey as an artist and in many ways feel that I'm just getting started.  Along the way, I have honed the skill of birthing music into the world and sharing it in a way that feels authentic to my soul, which is the greatest gift one can give themselves. It's truly a gift of freedom.


The call to open up this cocoon to a group of like hearted artists came from the desire to give back that which was given to me… So much of success in this industry is opportunity based and it requires being ready for when that opportunity strikes. It is a game of the continual refinement of our essence while letting go of limitations that stand in our way.  This will be our dojo to prepare ourself with finished works of art and a clear understanding so that we can meet the universe half way in the realm of dreams coming true. 


I know that anyone who chooses to take this deep dive with me will emerge with the tools and knowledge to take their music career to the next level, build a deeper relationship with their voice, and learn how they can use their expression as a tool for change.  I am here for the ones who are ready to take action on their dreams in a big way to support this birthing process, because it is truly that.”

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